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Hello and welcome

Welcome to my brand new blog dedicated to video games. I hope you enjoy the content you find here and don’t be afraid to leave feedback. I’m always looking to develop my skills and any tips are always appreciated. At the moment the site is under construction as I get to grips with building it but I hope to have an easy to navigate site up and running soon.

About me

Me and Rocky

Just some quick little bits about me. I’ve worked in the broadcasting industry in both Ireland and the UK. My training is actually in radio but I have branched into television. I mainly do back office stuff, nothing exciting. I wanted to test my creative mind so I’ve branched out into a blog about something I really enjoy – Video Games. I also have a Twitter account if you’d like to follow it. It’s nothing special but don’t be afraid to say Hi.

Why a blog?

I know it seems odd to write a blog when streaming services like YouTube and Twitch are massively popular but there are a number of reasons for this:

  • Time: I’d rather do scripted videos rather than live streams. This comes from me being an “average” gamer. My skill level would not be high enough to provide the entertainment of, say, those who stream on Twitch or Games Done Quick. Obviously, scripting and recording would take time which I sadly don’t have.
  • Finance: In order to capture footage, I would need equipment. I’m not really in that position at the moment.
  • Preferences: At the moment, I want to attempt to write different “features”. Maybe at some stage in the future I may branch out into video as my confidence grows.

What’s a “Rocky Rating”?

Ah, a Rocky Rating is merely a short review. Rather than write long reviews that many game publications already do, I wanted to keep them shot and have a little bit of information or opinion in them. They’re more a gauge of how I felt playing a game. It should be noted that they are reviewed in the here and now so there is a biased view, especially against early 3D games.

Who or what is Rocky?

Rocky is a blue eyed dog who just turned one. If you want to find out a little bit more about him, you can find him in the About section.

Rocky excited about something.

The idea behind the Rocky rating system was merely to put a personal spin on reviewing a game. Everything is rated out of five paws, personal favourites are given a “Ham” and games to avoid are given a “Broccoli”. This comes from Rocky’s love of ham and his hatred of “green stuff”. At the end of the year, I will have a “Golden Ham” that will go to my favourite game of that year. It’s based on the games I’ve played in the year and not their release date.

Why Video Games?

Why not. I’ve always enjoyed video games and unlike my football team (who until recently played in the lower divisions of English football), they’ve always brought me joy and a bit of escapism.

My current (and messy) set-up.

Final Thoughts

This is just a small hobby for me but I do hope you find some enjoyment out of it. My aim is to have a new feature every week and play enough games to have fresh reviews coming through.

So have fun, enjoy and don’t be afraid to drop me a message.



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