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Rocky’s Reviews – July

DOOM Eternal

Xbox One – 2020

DOOM Eternal is the latest entry in Id Software’s first-person franchise. Following directly on from DOOM, you once again step into the shoes of Doomguy as he battles the minions of Hell. The gameplay has more of a narrative to it. Earth has been invaded by demons and you set out to stop them. It’s not as in-depth as other games but it’s a bit of a step up from its predecessor. The game looks as gory as ever. Enemy models will have lumps fly off them as you blast them, the environments look beautifully detailed and diverse, and the cutscenes are presented well. The music is just as blood-pumpingly excellent as usual. Once that beat hits, you know it’s time to rip and tear. The game controls slightly slower than the previous game but you can still run and gun your way through enemies. You have some new abilities this time too, from a dash which is useful to get around and avoid damage, to the ability to climb certain walls. The game also changes how you recover health, shields and ammo. Health can once again be recovered by using “Glory” kills but shields are recovered by using a flamethrower called a “Flame Bletch” and ammo is recovered using the chainsaw. Unlike the first game, the chainsaw will recharge after use. There’s also a fair number of collectibles to find, from codex entries to figurines and even cheat codes. These will have you replaying levels until you find everything. The game does a lot of things well over DOOM but I feel its level design lets in down. There is a much heavier emphasis on platforming this time around and it doesn’t always flow as well as the previous game. Another issue I encountered was in battle I would often find myself cornered easily or knocked off a platform without a way to get back up without falling down and respawning. Some levels were fun adventures similar to the first game, while others were sometimes chores. The enemy selection has been greatly increased, with new foes and new tactics abound. Certain enemies have a weakness and exploiting these is key to survival. While playing the main campaign, I enjoyed the variety but some of the new enemies in the Ancient Gods DLC were a pain. Overall, it’s a fun game that doesn’t quite reach the heights of its predecessor but both the main campaign and the Ancient Gods DLC are worth a bash.



Rocky Ratings, Xbox

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