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Rocky’s Reviews – November

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

PlayStation 4 – 2014

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is another entry in Traveller’s Tales long running Lego series. As such, you’ll find all of the usual tropes here, from the minikit collectables to the Gold Bricks. The game features sixteen levels, each with three characters, ten minikits and one Adam West to collect. These are accessed through hub worlds such as the Batcave or the Justice League Watchtower. Also within these hub worlds are sort side quests to complete. They range from following a character around to beating up enemies to dressing up in a particular outfit. Its nothing too taxing and it can be a bit repetitive. Later on, you’ll gain access to the Lantern Homeworlds. These have their own missions as well as races to complete. It’s all fairly standard for these types of games. It has a huge selection of characters to choose from, from the usual Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman to the odd Green Loontern, Bat-Cow and even Kevin Smith (yes, that Kevin Smith). The games length seems to be a nice balance, never feeling too long but has enough to keep you invested. The main plot follows an invasion by Braniac. Here, you’ll have to acquire the help of the other Lanterns to stop him. It’s not really deep but it does have some humorous moments. The voice acting is top notch, with Batman’s grumpiness and Robin’s over eagerness played to perfection. The sound track is good too, with special songs kicking in depending on who you’re controlling in flight. Flying is also massively improved over the second game and makes a lot of the later exploration so much easier. One thing I really liked is how all of the Trophies can now be gotten in co-op. Most Lego games award a lot of the Trophies or Achievements to only the first player but this game allows both players to get that coveted Platinum in one playthrough. The game isn’t without its issues. One save file I have has me locked out of 100% because of an Adam West glitch, I did experience 3 crashes during my playthrough, and the music randomly changed volume after I completed a side-mission. It’s a fun game to play with a friend or by yourself and it is definitely the best of the three Lego Batman games to date.


2 thoughts on “Rocky’s Reviews – November Leave a comment

  1. I love that game! Still need to finish it to the 100% though. But with my bad hands, it can be hard if not impossible to get it all done without any help… 😔
    If you’re on PS4 and have + and would like to coop with me some day, it would be an absolute honor 🐾. Have a fabulous day Rocky! Boops from Arwen to you.

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    • I hope you get through it one day. Unfortunately, I don’t have PS+ and my games have been packed away. Big move coming in a few weeks (hopefully).

      Massive boops to Arwen, from Rocky 🐶

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