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Rocky’s Reviews – February

Astro’s Playroom

PlayStation 5 – 2020

Developed by Studio Japan’s Team ASOBI, Astro’s Playroom places you in the shoes of Astro as he explores PlayStation’s history. The game is essentially a tech demo showcasing the features of the DualSense controller, from its adaptive triggers to its built-in microphone. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a fun game behind it. A platformer at heart, the game has you exploring four different worlds, each introducing a new mechanic to learn. These include rolling around, gliding in the air, using a rocket, springing around and climbing up walls. The levels are wonderfully designed, with plenty of secrets to collect and easter eggs to find. A lot of the easter eggs reference previous games to have appeared on PlayStation consoles, including The Last of Us, Uncharted, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy VII, Crash Bandicoot and more. The secrets include puzzle pieces and PlayStation accessories such as Memory Cards and controllers. Once you have conquered these four areas, a fifth, “boss battle” area will open with a nice surprise inside. The platforming is fun, really showcasing the range of the DualSense. The sounds are excellent, from the cheery music to the little clanks on metal as Astro walks over them. The game comes pre-downloaded on PlayStation 5 and is well worth your time. It might not be the longest or most indepth game out there but it succeeds at what it sets out to do while providing a fun adventure.




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