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The Games I Missed

Well, I’m back after a week off. With “May Madness” over, its time to delve back into video games. I thought what better post to start with than with one about the games I missed out on growing up. Obviously, this is a very broad topic as I missed out on a tonne of great … Continue Reading The Games I Missed

The Den

Well, here we are, the end of our “May Madness”. I’ve written about Lego, The Beano and Studio Ghibli across the last few weeks. Next week I’ll be going back to video games but for now, there’s one more non-video game post to cover. I’ve decided to go with something very Irish, something that was … Continue Reading The Den

The Beano: Menacingly Good Fun

On the 30th of July 1938, a children’s comic from a Dundee publisher would make its debut. This weekly comic would become one of the most successful and longest running comics in British history. It introduced readers to all sorts of wacky characters including Big Eggo, Minnie the Minx, Lord Snooty, The Bash Street Kids, … Continue Reading The Beano: Menacingly Good Fun

Lego: Building Dreams

For the month of May, I’ve decided to write about some of my other, non-video game related interests. Don’t worry, there are two new Rocky’s Reviews coming and they have nothing to do with Formula 1 (but one does have to do with Lego!). I prefer to finish a game before writing a review on … Continue Reading Lego: Building Dreams

Pokémon: Gotta Catch’Em All

During the late 90s and early 2000s, Pokémon was everywhere. There were trading cards, a tv show, movies and, of course, video games. The original Pokémon games were released in Japan in 1996 before making their way across to our shores in 1999. Originally, players could choose between Pokémon Red and Blue, with each game … Continue Reading Pokémon: Gotta Catch’Em All

Video Game Magazines

Today, we can obtain all sorts of information on video games through the internet. Want to know about an upcoming game? Sites like IGN, Giant Bomb and Kotaku will have all sorts of features and reviews. Blog posts are full of fun information from players experiences to artwork and even recommended lists. Metacritic compiles reviews … Continue Reading Video Game Magazines

Rental Memories

Ah rental stores, they feel like such a distant memory now. In the days of Netflix, Disney+ and Game Pass, they seem like such a strange concept and yet there was a time when they were the best way to access new games and films. Growing up, there were two rental stores near where I … Continue Reading Rental Memories

Disney In Gaming

Last August I wrote about great video games that were based on movies (From Cinema to Console). One of the issues I had was trying to limit the amount of Disney games that appeared in the list. Disney almost always seems to escape the mantra of “terrible licenced game” and over the course of many … Continue Reading Disney In Gaming

My Gaming Challenge

In June 2019 I returned home. For the previous five years I had worked in London. During my time there, my gaming collection ballooned. Games in England, especially retro games, were significantly cheaper than in Ireland. I picked up systems such as the Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, PlayStation, PlayStation … Continue Reading My Gaming Challenge

Glitches In Me Britches

Ah video game glitches and bugs, they’ve been with us from the very beginning and will probably be around for a very long time. In older games, if you encountered a bug or a glitch, you would have to hope that it wasn’t a game breaking one. Nowadays, these can be patched (or made worse, … Continue Reading Glitches In Me Britches

Rocky’s Gaming Advent Calendar

Well, the festive season is finally upon us… unless you’re my sister in which case it arrived on the 1st of November. Like most people, we have a tradition of opening up an Advent Calendar throughout the month. I have three different Advent Calendars: a standard chocolate one (because I’m a big child), a movie … Continue Reading Rocky’s Gaming Advent Calendar

Digital v Physical

A new generation of consoles are upon us. Both Sony and Microsoft have released two versions of their new systems, one with a disc slot and one without. The digital only versions of the consoles are at a cheaper price making them more accessible to gamers. In both the seventh and eight generation of consoles, … Continue Reading Digital v Physical

The End of A Generation

Well the next generation is upon us. Across the globe people are sinking their teeth into Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Yakuza: Like A Dragon and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on the latest hardware from Sony and Microsoft. Of course, the eight generation isn’t over (I’m just being dramatic) but it … Continue Reading The End of A Generation

Mass Effect: A Galactic Adventure

I’m a little bit late to the N7 Day party (I’m always late) but yesterday brought us some excellent news. At long last, the original Mass Effect Trilogy is getting a remaster. This of course means that new players can experience Commander Shepard’s fantastic adventure as he tries to stop the Reapers. It wasn’t Bioware’s … Continue Reading Mass Effect: A Galactic Adventure

Yakuza Season

Earlier this week, I finally finished Yakuza 6: The Song of Life. It had taken me just over five months to play through Kiryu’s saga but I loved almost every minute of it. Back in April, I had just finished Final Fantasy VII: Remake. I wanted to take a short break from narrative driven games … Continue Reading Yakuza Season

Super Mario Super Memories

In 1981, a Japanese company would release an arcade game starring a giant gorilla. This addictive platformer, known as Donkey Kong, would be a massive success. You played as Jumpman as he attempted to rescue Pauline while dodging obstacles (often thrown by the titular character). Jumpman would later be called Mario, a character you may … Continue Reading Super Mario Super Memories

Musical Fanfare

I previously talked about how a good story can elevate a game but it is not the only thing can make a game memorable. Music and the sound effects can also help us to become immersed in the world. Of course, game-play is still king, after all if you had an excellent soundtrack but an … Continue Reading Musical Fanfare

PlayStation at 25

The original PlayStation celebrates its 25th Anniversary in North America and Europe this month. Inspired by Steady Sphere’s YouTube video on PlayStation Memories, I though I’d put together a collection of my own. I had the Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo before it, but nothing captured me quite like the original … Continue Reading PlayStation at 25

Davide Plays – Hollow Knight

Nintendo Switch – 2017 Hallow Knight is a side scrolling-action platformer were the player controls a tiny bug–warrior called “The Vessel (or Ghost)”. You explore a huge and dangerous insect-kingdom called Hallownest, fighting horrible monsters and learning amazing abilities that will help in your adventure. I would like to point out that the Nintendo Switch physical … Continue Reading Davide Plays – Hollow Knight

From Cinema to Console

The Scott Pilgrim vs. the World film celebrated its tenth anniversary two weeks ago (or in the case of Ireland, it’ll be next week) and it got me thinking about the Ubisoft game and how much fun it was. Sadly, the game is no longer available but hopefully this’ll change someday. I then started to … Continue Reading From Cinema to Console

Building My Games Room

I moved in to my current house in August of last year. As it’s a rented accommodation, I didn’t really have a lot of space to play with since the landlord still had a lot of things here. During the 5 years I spent in London, my collection grew but it had to be placed … Continue Reading Building My Games Room

The Power of a Good Story

Before I start, I just want to point out this post has spoilers for the following games: Final Fantasy II Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy VII Remake Metal Gear Solid Metal Gear Solid 3 Policenauts Resident Evil Spec Ops: The Line The Last of Us As video games develop, … Continue Reading The Power of a Good Story

Multiplayer Madness

It’s amazing the bonds we can forge through video games, whether it’s through local multiplayer with friends or online gaming with people half a world away. I have many memories of staying up late with friends playing N64 classics such as GoldenEye and WWE No Mercy. While not the biggest online player, I have made … Continue Reading Multiplayer Madness

Retro Game Hunting In Ireland

Retro gaming seems to be as popular as ever. Prices are continuously rising and in certain countries, games stores dedicated to retro gaming are popping up. During my travels, I’ve found them in London, Southend, Paris, Florence and across California and Nevada (I even wrote about my trip here). Having lived in London for several … Continue Reading Retro Game Hunting In Ireland

20 Games I Need to Play

Not too long ago, I posted a few games that I owned but never played under the hashtag #50GamesINeedToPlay. It originally started as something to do during lockdown and I never thought I would actually get through the list during the initial restrictions period. Out of that original list, I’ve managed to play two of … Continue Reading 20 Games I Need to Play

A Fantasy Like No Other

The year is 1998, I’m flicking through a gaming magazine and I reach the review section. It’s just a list of games with scores and a point or two. I can’t remember what magazine but they would do full reviews and then at the back have a quick summary of past reviews. I was scrolling … Continue Reading A Fantasy Like No Other

An American Gaming Roadtrip

In August of 2018, my wife and I took a road trip starting at San Francisco, California, and ending in Las Vegas, Nevada. I call it a “gaming roadtrip”, she calls it a “honeymoon”. Each to their own, I suppose. Along the way I stopped at some interesting video game stores and bought some retro … Continue Reading An American Gaming Roadtrip

Gaming In Isolation

The Covid-19 lockdown has been hard for some of us. People have had to deal with it in a variety of different ways. I know personally I have had some very challenging days but I’m lucky in that I have my wife and Rocky to keep me company. As the lockdown is ending in some … Continue Reading Gaming In Isolation

Hello and welcome

Welcome to my brand new blog dedicated to video games. I hope you enjoy the content you find here and don’t be afraid to leave feedback. I’m always looking to develop my skills and any tips are always appreciated. At the moment the site is under construction as I get to grips with building it … Continue Reading Hello and welcome

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