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Rocky’s Reviews

Resident Evil 2 (Remake)

Xbox One – 2019

I am terrified of zombies. Absolutely terrified. And nothing invokes that fear more than Resident Evil 2 (Remake). The game is dark and dreary, with scares around almost every corner. The original instilled fear through its fixed camera angles, keeping things hidden from sight until it was too late. This remake does so through darkness and narrow corridors. Zombies will lie in wait and may not spring up the first time you past them, giving you the impression they are truly dead. Visually, everything looks stunning and the music adds to its haunting atmosphere. Game-play is over the shoulder now (similar to Resident Evil 4) but focuses more on conservation than gun-toting action. The main criticism I have is the lack of variety between the first play-through and 2nd run. There are some slight differences and a true final boss but the story beats are the same.


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

PlayStation 4 – 2019

An absolute masterpiece from Koji Igarashi, Yoshitaka Amano and Ayami Kojima. A 2.5D Metroidvania that has you exploring a ruined village, a massive castle, an underground labyrinth and.. uh.. Giant Land from Super Mario Bros. 3? The game-play is great and both the art style and music are incredible. During the game, yu’ll collect shards from defeated enemies, each with their own unique ability to help you on your way. The shards can often make the difference between live and death in a boss fight (anything poison will be your best friend). The game encourages exploration and back-tracking, especially when you gain anew ability. There’s a tonne to find including an 8-bit Easter egg!


Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

PlayStation 4 – 2018

A throwback to the 8-bit Castlevanias that’s (thankfully) a bit easier. You can, however, enable knock back if you want to relive some old school frustrations. The game features four unique characters that you can use to explore each level and discover secrets or alternative routes. The platforming controls are great and there are some challenging jumps to keep you on your toes, or you can just use Gebel to fly over them. I won’t judge. The graphics are superb and the music is sublime. The game is short but it encourages multiple playthroughs to get the different endings.


L.A. Noire

Xbox 360 – 2011

L.A Noire is a game of possibilities, some it fulfills while others it leaves wanting. The facial animations are excellent and are used to help you in interrogations. The interrogations themselves are well done but the original options (Truth, Doubt, Lie) can be a bit misleading at times. They rectified these in the Remastered Editions. The city of L.A. is beautifully rendered but feels empty at times. There are several Street Crimes that can pop up and some items to find but the city lacks the “life” of the GTA games. The main cases themselves encourage exploration as you tried to find every clue and stopping the music when you find the all is a nice idea to keep you moving.


Cosmic Star Heroine

Nintendo Switch – 2018

Cosmic Star Heroine is a throwback to the 16-bit era of JRPGs (most notably Chrono Trigger) and is packed full of pop culture Easter eggs and references. The game-play is solid, with each character having their own set of abilities but the balance can feel off. Some characters are definitely a lot more useful than others and Alyssa can become almost broken late game. Graphically, the game looks nice but there are some bits that look weak. Probably the best example of this is the characters’ pictures in the menu. There is some exploration to be had, especially with uncovering secret bosses, and there are a variety of side mission to complete. However, the game isn’t long but it’s well paced so you never really notice. Overall, the game is impressive considering how small the development team was.


Die Hard Arcade

Sega Saturn – 1996

Die Hard Arcade can be summed up in one acronym – WTF. It’s a short, fun and sometimes hilarious (not intentionally I’d imagine) game. Like most arcade beat-’em ups the game can be easily beaten in one sitting. The game looks decent, it’s nothing special but it certainly has aged better than most from this generation. The voice-acting is cheesy. The plot is nonsense. Yet, the game is incredibly enjoyable to play in both single player and multiplayer. The game’s difficulty really depends on you as with the Deep Scan mini-game, you can rack up as many continues as you want.


Torment: Tides of Numenera

Xbox One – 2017

Torment: Tides of Numenera was my first experience with this particular type of Role-Playing game. A spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment (which I’ve never played), the game gives you a variety of ways to solve problems. On my play-through, I took a more pacifist route, avoiding combat where possible. The game is heavily narrative driven (a concept familiar to fans of this genre) and as such, your actions can have an impact on certain characters epilogues. Visually, the game has an isometric view but the locations are breathtaking (and one in particular is disgusting). Game-play wise, it’s really up to you. In combat, you are placed in a “Crisis Mode” and must move your characters around a small map. “Crisis Mode” relies heavily on strategy so you have to carefully think out your actions first.


Team Sonic Racing

Xbox One – 2019

Working as a team is the name of the game (literally!) and this is a mechanic you have to master in order to get through the game. Building on the foundation of the All-Stars series, Team Sonic Racing is a solid driving game. The drifting feels natural and the AI controlled teammates are actually decent. They’ll offer you items to help you climb up the rankings, something which you should reciprocate when you’re in the lead. Working together and performing tricks helps to build up your “Ultimate” meter, which you can use to turn a race in your favour. The tracks are inventive (although not as inventive as those in Transformed) and the Story Mode is a blast to play through. You can also customize your car with items gotten using Mod Pods.


Mass Effect Andromeda

Xbox One – 2017

A lot has been documented about Mass Effect Andromeda’s facial animations and the bugs that plague the game (I once saw someone fall through a bench while they were asleep) but these are things that I took in my stride. Perhaps the harshest criticism I can level at Andromeda is that I found it boring. The game is built on exploration but to encourage this, it has a mountain of side quests. A lot of these side quests boil down to fetch quests, which is a pity because some can be quite interesting and help flesh out the characters but they feel lost. Visually, the backgrounds look amazing and the planets are incredibly diverse. In terms of combat, it feels like a step back. Gone are the cover mechanics but the jet-pack does add a new dimension to battles. At is core, Andromeda has an intriguing story that’s lost in a sea of Additional Tasks.


Mass Effect 3

Xbox 360 – 2012

Mass Effect 3 probably gets the harshest criticism out of the original trilogy. Sure, the ending is dodgy (so dodgy they had to release a free DLC to fix it) and in the end your choices in the series feel worthless but there is an excellent game here. The game-play is probably the best in the series, the side missions bring back old favourites and add to the War Council’s strength, and being chased by the Reapers if you spend too long scanning an area is terrifying. Graphically everything looks crisp and the music helps to add atmosphere, especially in a lot of the more important scenes.


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